Organisations investing in foreign language training benefits not only from having multilingual in-house staff, which is a great asset, but also from enhancing staff’s working capacity. Study shows that adults who learn a foreign language experience enhanced executive functioning skills, such as memory and multitasking. Thus, foreign language training may indirectly contribute to improving employee productivity.

We provide cost-effective general and business language training in Chinese and Japanese for organisations either by online coaching or on-site training at our client’s office. On-site training is currently available for offices in metropolitan areas in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

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In addition, we have industry-specific or job-specific corporate language training program so that you can learn what is most relevant to you and start communicating intelligently in your field.

To request for a quote or to ask about our language training service, call us on (+61) 2 9152 8740 or send us an enquiry.

Corporate Language Training