Learn Japanese Online

Learn Japanese Online | LIVE Group Japanese Language Classes

Learn Japanese online in a virtual classroom using Zoom. Our group Japanese language classes are taught by professional, native Japanese tutors on weekday evenings. We teach Japanese language classes for Beginners to Advanced levels throughout the year. You can learn Japanese online with other adult learners through virtual classrooms with a maximum of four students in one class. Our short courses in Japanese are an ideal continuing education option for adults wanting to pick up a new, useful skill for personal or professional reasons.

The focus of our Japanese language classes is developing adult learners’ conversational skils in Japanese. Beginner Japanese learners will learn using romaji to facilitate the learning of useful dialogues in day-to-day situations. Gradually, you will be introduced to the Japanese writing.

The group Japanese course is ideal for people who can commit to a regular class schedule during the term. Each lesson is conducted once a week and is 60-minutes in duration.

Our standard Japanese course is the Lite Japanese Courses – suits learners who prefer to learn Japanese at a relaxed pace and explore additional topics during the lessons. Alternatively, for learners who prefer to quickly go through the course contents, we will recommend the Express Japanese Courses.

If you would like to learn Japanese online for business or to prepare for the JLPT exams, or if you need flexible hours to study Japanese, opt for our private Japanese lessons.

For more information about our online Japanese course, send an enquiry or call us on (02) 9152 874