• What platform do you use?
    We use Zoom (https://zoom.us), a leading video conferencing software for education to teach our students. Your computer needs to be at least Windows 8 for the application to work properly. You do not need to download a separate application if your browsers are Internet Explorer 11/Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Just go to the website and enter the meeting ID; in a minute, you will be connected to your virtual classroom If your browser is of earlier version, or if you want to access the platform via your smartphone, you will need to signup and download the application first. After enrolment, we will provide you with the meeting ID to join the class.
  • Do you teach only online classes or do you have physical classes as well?
    All our classes are conducted online in virtual classrooms. You can video/audio chat with your teacher (and other students for group classes) and screen share your teacher’s teaching slides. If you are not sure about having online lessons, we recommend that you book a trial lesson and experience the convenience of online classes yourself. Contact us and we are able to guide you through the technical side if this is your concern.
  • What are your course prices?
    Prices listed below are in Australian dollars. Please click here to convert into other currencies.
    Adult Courses
    Private individual courses (8 x 60-minute lessons): AU$360
    Group Express courses (10 x 60-minute lessons): AU$385
    Group Lite courses (8 x 60-minute lessons): AU$265
    Trial lesson (60-minute lesson): AU$30
    Primary School Children Courses
    Private individual class per term: AU$325
    Group class per term: AU$225
    Secondary School Children Courses
    Private individual class per term: AU$428
    Group class per term: AU$305
  • How are your language programs different from lower priced language instructors?
    Our programs are developed to enable students to learn the target language with ease, gradually building learners’ skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will also be introduced to the cultural aspects of the target language. The teaching contents are curated by the school to enable students to learn more in each lesson, making it possible to complete your language study in fewer levels. This is time saving and money saving. In addition, our teachers are all dedicated professionals based in Australia, hold relevant degrees and possess excellent teaching skills. For group lessons, the participants are capped at four people, making sure that the teacher can provide optimal support to each learner. For individual lessons, the teachers will even personalise your lessons to make the teaching materials relevant to your needs.
  • What materials do you use?
    We use the following textbooks coupled with natural inputs from native media.
    Chinese for Adults: New Practical Chinese Reader
    Chinese for Teens: Chinese Made Easy
    Japanese for Adults: Genki
    Japanese for Teens: Japanese for Young People
    Korean for Adults: Elementary Korean by King & Yeon
    Indonesian for Adults: Free textbook
    Your teacher will present you an electronic copy of the teaching slides after each lesson for ease of revision.
  • Do I need to buy the textbook?
    For some courses, electronic textbooks are available. For other courses, you will need to purchase a hardcopy.
    Refer to the bookshops below to purhase your learning materials:
    Melbourne: Foreign Language Bookshop or Language International Bookshop
    Sydney: Hondarake Full of Books (Japanese only)
  • I am already enrolled in a class. After the first class, I think I need to move up/down a level. What should I do?
    In this case, let us know and we will transfer you to a more suitable level. For individual lessons, the teachers are able to assess your language skills and make a recommendation.
  • I’m not sure what level I should enrol in. What should I do?
    Use the level check guide for assistance.
    Chinese Level Check      Japanese Level Check      Indonesian Level Check       Korean Level Check
  • Do I need to turn on my webcam?
    For individual lessons, you get to choose.
  • Do I need to use a headset?
    For best audio quality for yourself and others, we recommend that you use a good quality headset. However, some computers are able to receive and send excellent audio quality without the user having to use a headset.
  • I cannot find a class that suits my schedule. What can I do?
    Contact us and let us know what day and time suits you.
  • Do I receive a certificate?
    We issue certificates of completion to learners who attend at least 8 out of 10 lessons.
  • Are there exams?
    There are no formal exams.
  • I have attended half of the classes, but I can no longer attend future classes. Can I get a partial refund?
    Please refer to our cancellation policy. For individual enrolment, we can only give a refund within two weeks after the course is purchased and only one lesson is consumed.


  • What if I missed a class?
    You can arrange for a make-up 1-to-1 lesson at a special price for our students. If you do  not wish to attend another class, you will still receive teaching slides of the lesson.
  • I do not like the group that I am in. Can I switch to another group?
    Yes, you can switch to another similar group. Please check the existing timetable. Let us know and we will transfer you to another group.
  • I have attended half of the classes, but I can no longer attend future classes. Can I get a partial refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer refund for group classes.  However, we may be able to issue you a credit so that you can join another class in the next term.
  • Can I record the lessons?
    For the privacy of other learners, we do not allow recording of the lessons.
  • Do I need to turn on my webcam?
    You will be required to practice dialogues with people in your group. Just like in the physical classroom, this is best done face-to-face.