Relevant course contents

Focus on practical language applications

Exposure to real life language inputs from the start

Minimum time investment, optimal results

We understand the challenges our busy customers face in trying to learn a new language. That is why we design our courses to be taught in a fast-tracked, comprehensive mode to enable learners to get the most out of every one-hour lesson. We focus on the essentials, equipping learners with the necessary tools to cope in many different scenarios. In each lesson, learners will learn practical, useful new skills on the target language. Our syllabus offers comprehensive materials covering not only the grammatical aspects of the language, but also the conversational aspects, including the colloquial language, while developing learner’s skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking throughout the course. Learners will be exposed to real life language inputs from the start to accelerate language acquisition. Our online, one-to-one 10-hour beginner course is the equivalent of approximately 20 classroom sessions, or 40 hours of classroom-based teaching.