At Asian Language School, we teach Japanese, Korean and Mandarin to adults and children in virtual classrooms. You can learn languages online at the comfort of your home or office using Zoom. Our language classes are taught by degree-qualified native speaker teachers.

Features of our courses:

  • Relevant and practical teaching materials
  • Structured syllabus tailored to individual students
  • Options to learn 1-on-1 or in group classes
  • Accessible via laptops, tablets, or smartphones
  • Flexible scheduling and cancelling online

List of adult short courses:

  • Japanese Courses (general, business)
  • Korean Courses (general)
  • Mandarin Courses (general, business)

List of kids classes:

  • Japanese for Kids & Teens
  • Korean for Kids & Teens
  • Mandarin for Kids & Teens

See Courses for more information.

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