2017 Chinese Internet Buzzwords

Chinese language is enriched with many new internet words and phrases each year. These new words are usually sourced from popular culture and current affairs which then become viral among the online community. Some of the Chinese internet buzzwords are recycled from existing words that now convey new meanings.

Learn Korean Christmas Songs

Christmas is a national holiday in South Korea. It is also a romantic festive for couples. With Korean booming music industry, there is a huge collection of Korean Christma songs available. Learn Korean by learning some of the popular Korean Christmas songs.

Introduction To The Writing of Chinese Characters

Chinese characters are composed of radicals which are made of strokes. There are 214 radicals and learning radicals helps in character recall. Repeated writing of Chinese characters following prescribed stroke orders has been a popular method in learning Chinese characters, which supposedly enhances the learning process.

A Guide To Learning Japanese Kanji: Traditional Approach versus Modern Approach

Kanji is a Japanese writing system derived from Chinese characters before hiragana and katakana were introduced in the Japanese language. There are more than 10,000 kanji and knowledge of 2,000 most frequently used kanji would enable 99% comprehension of written texts, which is the equivalent of kanji knowledge of a Japanese high school graduate. These commonly used kanji is known as Joyo kanji.

Learning Chinese Language and Culture through TV Commercials

Another learning resource that Chinese language learners can use that also combine the use of visual and audio stimuli is television commercials. TV commercials are short and contain focused language designed for native speakers. This type of input trains language learners on how the language is used in the real world. TV commercials are also a valuable input on the culture and consumer behaviour of the target language. It is a good way to combine language learning and cultural learning in a very short time.