Learn Korean online from the comfort of your home. Simply log in using Zoom and meet your professional native Korean tutor in a virtual Korean class.

Choose from 1-on-1 private Korean lesson or small group weekly evening Korean courses. See also Korean for Children.

Korean for Adults

Structured Program

We offer all Korean language class levels from complete beginners to advanced students.

Learn Korean grammar and writing, reading, speaking and listening effectively through our comprehensive program.

Professional Teachers

Students are taught by native Korean teachers who are experienced teaching professionals.

Designed for Busy Adults

Learn Korean the easy way with our curriculum, taking charge of when you want to learn with our flexible scheduling option and short course offering.

Upcoming Korean Classes for Adults

Enrollment is closed one day before class starts.

Level 1
Dec 8 – Jan 26

Thu 9pm ET

Level 1
Jan 11 – Mar 1

Wed 8:30pm ET

Level 2
Jan 11 – Mar 1

Wed 9:30pm ET

Level 1
Feb 9 – Mar 30

Thu 9:30pm ET

Group Korean Classes

Group Korean language classes are held on weekday evening and run for eight weeks.

Maximum 6 people in one group.

No rescheduling option.

Currently offered for Beginner 1 and 2 levels only.

Course Fee $240

includes 8 x 55-minute classes

1-on-1 Private Lesson

Enjoy a personalized Korean lesson to suit your individual interests and needs, coupled with flexible booking and rescheduling of your classes.

Learn at time that suits you.

Course Fees

A. $299

includes 8 x 55-minute classes


B. $380

includes 16 x 25-minute classes