Popular Japanese Proverbs

Survival Japanese: How To Eat Like A Local In Japan

While traveling in Japan, going out to eat various kinds of local cuisine and having unique cultural experiences will definitely be one of the most memorable takeaways from your trip. Hence, in this post, I would like to share my experiences with you eating at yatai (屋台) and oden-ya (おでん屋).

Survival Japanese: How to Travel by Train in Japan

In this Survival Japanese blog, I will provide some useful tips for travelers who will visit Japan for the first time. Know your densha and suica. Learn some useful Japanese phrases for asking directions and getting information. Test yourself on how much you know about Japanese trains.

A Guide To Learning Japanese Kanji: Traditional Approach versus Modern Approach

Kanji is a Japanese writing system derived from Chinese characters before hiragana and katakana were introduced in the Japanese language. There are more than 10,000 kanji and knowledge of 2,000 most frequently used kanji would enable 99% comprehension of written texts, which is the equivalent of kanji knowledge of a Japanese high school graduate. These commonly used kanji is known as Joyo kanji.

A Guide In Using Movies To Learn Japanese

Watching movies in the target language can sustain and even increase language learner’s motivation. The use of movies also provides visual exposure that encourages cross-modal sensory learning, which helps to make learning more memorable and lead to long-term retention. How should one make use of movies to learn Japanese?

How To Make Use of Japanese Songs To Learn Japanese

Music and songs can be used as a method for incidental vocabulary learning. Study shows that music can enhance memorisation process. In particular, the retentive effect of music can be maximised when the verbal information carries meaning. Best of all, the use of music does not compete with vocabulary learning, rather it complements and enhances the learning process.

8 Best Apps for Japanese Language Course in 2016

We have selected 9 best apps for Japanese language course in 2016: Genki Vocab Cards, Ohayou, Waygo, Japanese by Renzo, Japanese by Nemo, Memrise, Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide, FluentU, and HelloTalk.