Business Japanese

Business Japanese | Learn Japanese for Work

Business Japanese suits Japanese language learners who have completed Japanese study at an intermediate level and want to continue their Japanese language study specifically for work or business purposes.

All lessons are conducted in virtual classrooms using Zoom, a video conferencing software, to enable learners to have face-to-face interaction online with a professional Japanese teacher who is fluent in English.

There are three levels to be completed: the introductory, the intermediate, and the advanced levels. Romaji can be used throughout the course, in addition to hiragana, katakana, and kanji for those who are not yet comfortable with the Japanese writing. Lessons include keigo, an honorific language essential for Japanese business communication.

Lessons can be booked online and are available seven days a week, from early morning to late night.

What will you learn in each level?

Some of the topics you will learn include:

Introductory Level

  • Business meeting communication;
  • Interacting with clients and colleagues;
  • Making business calls.

Intermediate Level

  • Making business proposals;
  • Holding work parties;
  • Communicating work-related issues.

Advanced Level

  • Making business presentations;
  • Reporting business performance;
  • Interviewing skills for employment.

Keigo for beginners