Asian Language School

 23 February 2018

Popular Chinese Idioms About Dogs

The Chinese language contains many idioms that make use of animals. Learning these idioms is essential in facilitating your comprehension skills in the Chinese language. Knowing how to use these idioms will further make a conversation more lively. Below we list some popular Chinese idioms that contains the word “dog”. Often these idioms include two animals in one phrase.

Chinese Idioms About Dogs

Chinese Idiom #1


gǒu fèi bù jīng

Used to describe a society that is stable and peaceful.

Chinese Idiom #2


jiàng mén wú quǎn zǐ

A phrase that means when the parents or ancestors possess talents, the descendants will not be mediocre.

Chinese Idiom #3


quǎn mǎ zhī láo

A phrase that means willingness to serve and be directed by others.

Chinese Idiom #4


quǎn mǎ zhī liàn

An analogy for an aide who is in love with a monarch.

Chinese Idiom #5


jī quǎn sāng má

Used to describe a quiet country life. For more idioms about rooster, click here.

Chinese Idiom #6


tūn zhǐ bào quǎn

Used to describe a studious person from a poor background.

Chinese Idiom #7


gǒu zuǐ lǐ tǔ bù chū xiàng yá

The literal translation means “an elephant’s tusk will not come out of a dog’s mouth”. Used to indicate that a bad person will not say good things.

Chinese Idiom #8


gǒu yǎn kàn rén

Used to describe someone who looks down on others.

Chinese Idiom #9


bái yún cāng gǒu

A metaphor for things being unpredictable.

Chinese Idiom #10


dǎ gǒu kàn zhǔ

Literally, this phrase means one needs to know who the master of the dog before hitting it. It means when handling bad people or matters, one must take into consideration the overall parties involved.

Chinese Idiom #11


gǒu xuè pēn tóu

A metaphor for scolding someone happily.

Chinese Idiom #12


gǒu tóu jūn shī

A metaphor for a person who likes to give bad ideas; also used to refer to someone who deliberately gives bad ideas.