Japanese for Teens


Japanese for Teens Program suits students ages 12 to 17 looking for an independent study or to support their Japanese study in middle school or high school. The complete program consists of 12 levels from Beginner to Advanced, and each level can be completed in one term. Our program will prepare students who aim to take the official Japanese language exams and achieve fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing at the completion of the program.

Our 1-to-1 Japanese lessons for teens are taught by professional native Japanese teachers. Our teachers hold degrees in education or teaching, have years of experience in teaching, and have completed Working With Children Check.

Lessons are available from 8AM to 10AM, and from 4PM till evening EST. Send us an email for more information.

Our scheduling page enables you to view schedules and book lessons in your local time zone.

Option 1: Group Class

Frequency: Once a week
Duration: 8 x 60-minute lessons
Group size: 2-4 students
Term fee:$185

Form your own group class with your friends or siblings. Each student can use their own laptop at separate venues. Contact us to enroll in a private group class.

Open for Enrollment
Weekly class 60-minutes
Beginners Level I

When: Thu 5:30pm Eastern Time
Starting Date:  Jun 4th
Finishing Date: Jul 23rd

Option 2: 30-min Private Class

Frequency: Once or twice a week
Duration: A. 8 x 30-minute lessons
Term fee: A. $185 (once a week)

Duration: B. 16 x 30-minute lessons
Term fee: B. $320 (twice a week)

Option 3: 60-min Private Class 

Frequency: Once or twice a week
Duration: C. 8 x 60-minute lessons
Term fee: C. $250 (once a week)

Duration: D. 16 x 60-minute lessons
Term fee: D. $475 (twice a week)

Contact us for a special rate for siblings studying together.