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2 January 2020

12 Chinese Idioms About Rat

Chinese Idioms About Rats

dǎn xiǎo rú shǔ

Literal translation: small courage like a mouse

English meaning: cowardly

English equivalent: a mouse (when describing a person)

māo kū lǎo shǔ

Literal translation: a cat that cries over a mouse

English meaning: false compassion

English equivalent: crocodile tears

shǔ mù cùn guāng

Literal translation: a rat’s sight of inches

English meaning: short-sighted

qióng shǔ niè lí

Literal translation: a poor mouse bites a leopard cat

English meaning: describing a person who fights back when pressured although there is no chance of winning

lǎo shǔ guò jiē

Literal translation: a rat crossing the street

English meaning: a harmful thing that everyone loathes

láng yǎn shǔ méi

Literal translation: a wolf’s eyes and a rat’s eyebrows

English meaning: describing someone who has a vicious appearance

jìn tuì shǒu shǔ

Literal translation: hesitating to advance and retreat

English meaning: indecisive

māo shǔ tóng mián

Literal translation: a cat and a mouse sleep together

English meaning: colluding in doing evil

wú shǔ wǔ jì

Literal translation: a mole with five skills

English meaning: possessing many skills but none is brilliant

niǎo hài shǔ cuàn

Literal translation: birds are startled and rats are running away

English meaning: fleeing in fright

shǔ rù niú jiǎo

Literal translation: a mouse that enters an ox’s horn

English meaning: power that gets smaller and smaller

chóng bì shǔ gān

Literal translation: a worm’s arm and a rat’s liver

English meaning: an extremely tiny and worthless item

chéng hú shè shǔ

Literal translation: a fox on the city wall and a mouse in the temple

English meaning: a villain who abuses their power and is hard to get rid of

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