How Koreans Celebrate Christmas

how koreans celebrate Christmas

Christmas celebrations started in Korea in the 1930s. It is celebrated like the Valentine’s Day by couples in South Korea. The enchanting atmosphere created by glittering lights, winter decorations, and the spirit of giving sets the perfect stage for romantic celebrations. In this article, we’ll explore how Korean couples embrace the magic of Christmas, turning the season into a celebration of their unique bond.

1. Strolling through Illuminated Streets:

One of the most iconic ways that Korean couples celebrate Christmas is by taking leisurely strolls through the beautifully illuminated streets. Major city centers, shopping districts, and popular date spots transform into a magical wonderland, creating a romantic ambiance that captivates hearts. Couples often take the opportunity to capture these moments with photos, creating lasting memories amid the festive glow.

  1. Exchanging Thoughtful Gifts:

The spirit of giving is alive and well during the Christmas season in Korea. Couples exchange thoughtful gifts as a symbol of their love and appreciation for each other. From personalized items to surprise experiences, the act of giving adds an extra layer of warmth to the holiday celebration.

  1. Romantic Dinners and Cafés:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are peak times for romantic dinners at restaurants and cafés across Korea. Couples book intimate tables at cozy eateries, enjoying special holiday menus and the festive atmosphere. Some venues go the extra mile with themed decorations, live music, and candlelit settings, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.

  1. Festive Movie Nights:

Korean couples often indulge in the cozy tradition of watching Christmas-themed movies together. Whether it’s a classic holiday film or a romantic drama, cuddling up on the couch with a favorite movie creates a sense of togetherness and festive cheer.

  1. Christmas Getaways:

Some couples take advantage of the holiday season to plan special getaways. Whether it’s a weekend retreat to a winter destination or a cozy staycation in a festive hotel, spending quality time away from the routine adds a touch of adventure and romance to the Christmas celebration.

  1. DIY Christmas Crafts:

Creating something special together can be a meaningful way for couples to celebrate Christmas. Some choose to engage in DIY projects, such as decorating their own ornaments, making personalized holiday cards, or even baking festive treats together. These creative activities add a personal touch to the celebrations.

  1. Attending Christmas Events and Concerts:

The holiday season brings a myriad of Christmas events, concerts, and performances to Korea. Couples often attend these festivities, enjoying live music, dance performances, and festive entertainment together. It’s a chance to immerse themselves in the joyous spirit of Christmas and create shared memories.

In recent years, a trend known as “Jal-ga” (잘거), which translates to “Christmas for me,” has gained popularity among singles in Korea. This trend encourages individuals to treat themselves to a special day of self-indulgence and care. Whether it’s enjoying a solo meal at a favorite restaurant, pampering oneself with spa treatments, or embarking on a personal adventure, Jal-ga is about embracing individuality and celebrating one’s own accomplishments.

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