Japanese for Kids


Learn Japanese for Kids Program suits elementary school students age 6 to 11 who want to develop a solid foundation in the Japanese language. Lessons are delivered through virtual classrooms using Zoom and are taught by experienced native Japanese teachers who hold degrees in education or language teaching and have completed Working With Children Check.

Our complete Japanese for kids program is delivered in 12 terms. Our program uses authentic Japanese teaching materials to engage kids to learn Japanese and successfully acquire the language. We cater to different learning needs of our students. Send us an enquiry  to discuss the best learning options for your children to study Japanese with us. Lessons are available from 4:00 PM EST (5:00 PM EDT) till night time Sun-Fri.

We also offer language programs for schools aligned with the American curriculum. If you want to start a Japanese language program at your school, contact us or follow the link for more information.

Our scheduling page enables you to view schedules and book lessons in your local time zone.

Option 1: Group Class

Frequency: Once a week
Duration: 8 x 60-minute lessons
Group size: 2-4 students
Term fee: $169

Next beginner class is scheduled to start in mid-October 2019. Subject to demand.


Intakes are open each year in January, March, August and October.

Option 2: 30-min Private Class

Frequency: Once or twice a week
Duration: A. 8 x 30-minute lessons
Term fee: A. $169 (once a week)

Duration: B. 16 x 30-minute lessons
Term fee: B. $309 (twice a week)

Option 3: 60-min Private Class 

Frequency: Once or twice a week
Duration: C. 8 x 60-minute lessons
Term fee: C. $245 (once a week)

Duration: D. 16 x 60-minute lessons
Term fee: D. $456 (twice a week)

Contact us for a special rate for siblings studying together.

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