Japanese Christmas Songs for Kids

Authentic Japanese Christmas songs for kids are rare. Christmas is not traditionally celebrated in Japan and Japanese kids still go to school on Christmas Day.

Useful Apps for Kids Learning Japanese

In addition to our virtual Japanese language classes, children can complement their study by using these apps to learn Japanese.

10 Good Japanese Cartoons Kids Can Watch Daily

For young learners who are learning Japanese in an English speaking environment, it is advantageous to receive as much exposure to the target language as possible aside from their regular Japanese class. Watching Japanese cartoons daily is a practice that aims to increase their exposure to the target language and help develop their listening skills. Through listening, kids can also pick up new vocabularies and improve their speaking skills.

7 Tips To Motivate Kids To Learn Japanese

Kids who learn a second language have better language skills and enjoy overall higher academic performance compared to their peers who are monolinguals. Japanese language and culture are appealing to kids and the language itself is quite easy to master. So how to make sure that kids who are learning Japanese continue learning the language until they become proficient?